Vintage Frames Company Community Project: Nick Terra

Vintage Frames Company Community Project: Nick Terra

Name: Nick Terra   
Age: 21
Job: student Art History

Who Are You:
I am a twenty-one year old Art History student from the Netherlands (Europe) and now in my second year. I began collecting vintage frames around two and a half years ago. I started of buying a pair of Carrera 5593 in tortoise from an old lady in Amsterdam. After that i started wanting more and more, traded alot, sold some and reinvested the cash in new frames to build a little collection. Although my country isn't the sunniest one on the planet, i still can enjoy my frames on an regular base. My collection is mostly made up of frames I really wear, I dont like them to be sitting in a box and therefor dont have a problem buying used frames. The frames are mostly bought of eBay, a local marketplace or old people here in the Netherlands. Next to that i have traded some pieces with other enthusiast from around the globe.
Next to collecting the frames, i really enjoy the community of people collecting. I know people from all over the world and sharing information on the latest digs and buys makes you go even harder on hunting. One of the biggest influences on firing the flame of hunting has to Davon Ford, who I think is more on eBay than the people who run eBay and he manages to always find bargains that i overlooked.

 What is your most prized pair of Vintage Frames and why:
My most prized pair of vintage frames must be the West Germany red (col. 330) Cazal 951 model. It is my most prized model because its real hard to come by this color of 951 and especially the West Germany model. After long waiting it finally popped up on eBay and i was lucky enough being able to 'win' the auction.

What is your earliest memory of a pair of frames that stuck in your head until today:
The earliest memory of a pair of frames is a Wayfarer pair that my uncle got me, i dont remember what age i was when i received them. The only memory i have is that it was a black frame with greenish lenses and it was a too big for my head.

If you could stumble upon 1 pair of Vintage Frames, what would it be:
A white Cazal 951 with mirrored lenses, like Stevie Wonder wore. The white 951 is still one of four missing colors from the OG 951 collection i don't have and the mirrored lens would also be an amazing add to the collection.

About how many Vintage Frames do you have in your collection:
I currently have around 25 frames now, but it fluctuates weekly. I might buy, sell or trade pairs like it are cookies, only to make the ultimate collection.

Why do you choose Vintage Frames instead of new eyewear:

I chose for vintage frames because they are more rare and not often seen in the streets. I dont like walking down the street and seeing someone wearing the same glasses, shoes or tshirt. This is one of the reasons i started collecting and next to that i think the vintage frames are build with better materials and are an better quality than the current mass produced frames.

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