Creme De La Creme: Vintage Persol Moschino M253 Sunglasses The Vintage Frames Shop

Eyes have always been lauded and applauded in serenades and accolades, so it would be a pity to neglect the accessory that comes closest to them. The new Moschino collection is devoted to them only. Aggressive looks on classic fonts, arms adorned with sapphires and rubies, sunglasses that are jewels in themselves. And a final touch - the golden scripts bonded into the "Message frames" will last forever!
The Vintage Moschino Persol M253 Sunglasses are the royalty of eyewear! With the deluxe jewels on the side of the sunglasses they stand out in any crowd! We have just received a gigantic selection of Vintage Persol Moschino Sunglasses at The Vintage Frames Shop office in Montreal! Head over to The Vintage Frames Shop to check out the selection!