Creme De La Creme: Vintage Vintage Linda Farrow 218 Sunglasses At The Vintage Frames Shop

A clothing designer by training, Linda Farrow was among the first to treat sunglasses as fashion. Her eponymous eyewear label, established in 1970, quickly rose to acclaim among stylish Londoners and the international jet set. A tireless experimenter, Farrow pioneered shapes and styles that remain au courant today, including the avantgarde wraparounds that were Yoko Ono's signature 70's look. Linda Farrow's relentless pursuit of luxury, innovation and cutting edge design continue to mark the brand almost forty years later. The Vintage Frames Company has just received one of the most complete collection of Vintage Linda Farrow Sunglasses, including the above Vintage Linda Farrow 218 Sunglasses. Head on over to the shop and check them out!