Rick Ross - Devil In A New Dress (Official Video) Rocking Vintage Christian Dior Monsieur Sunglasses

[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExCiYgr6gUo 600x400]

These days all you here about is Rick Ross this, Rozay that. My big brother from the 305 has lit the world on fire! There just ain't a hotter mc in the game! One thing about Ross that many people do not know is that his taste in "LIFE" is impeccable. I have lived around artists all my life and seen how people accept and act towards there success. Ross is a humble calculated dude, which is why I enjoy putting together the finest of the finest Vintage Sunglasses collections for him. What he has on today, is from my VAULT. It is a rather rare Vintage Christian Dior Monsieur Frames from the late 1970's. Vintage Dior Sunglasses are rare, but this pair, is beyond hard to find! Made from the FINEST Optyl acetate, Ross's rocks these shades in the new Devil In A New Dress video with pride and finesse! Keep it locked, my Maybach Fam is killing it!