A Day In The Life Of Corey Shapiro: Los Angeles

What can i say about Los Angeles...
Maybe because i live in Montreal i have a different opinion about the pace at which people conduct their day. Seeing as i am from the east coast, i usually spend most of my time away from Montreal in my second home of New York. Coming to LA is a slight culture shock to me, as the pace of my hustle is conducted at a much quicker speed then there's is. LA for me is slow! I enjoy the sunshine, but could live without the bullshit! My man Rob Heppler of The Hundreds followed me through an average LA day to document a typical day in the life of Vintage Frames in LA. Way more after the jump...

My day starts off a quick Mexican breakfast meeting with my homie Adrian Martinez.

My dude from Han Cholo shows up to talk about some possible Vintage Frames special projects...

Meet up with Jeffzilla 2000 and Heppler to help me get to an appointment on Faifax.

Bump into Levie Maestro on the streets on a quick break from the Usher tour.

Head to the restaurant to 3rd wheel Amber Rose and Rosa Acosta's date

Back to the hotel to meet Zilla and T

Behind Her Shades team meeting.

Get stupid with Amber.