Vintage Oakley Eyeshades Vs. New Oakley Eyeshades

Vintage Oakley Eyeshades Vs. New Oakley Eyeshades

My main man Mark Royko from Oakley Canada brought me over some of the new Oakley Eyeshade from the 2010 collection. I had called him up to ask for them for a project in LA for the upcoming week and he was nice enough to help. I figured, i might as well do a feature on the differences between the Vintage Oakley Eyeshade and the Retro Oakley Eyeshade.

The Vintage Oakley Eyeshades are super rare. I have never dug one, i happened to have a member of my family that passed one on to me. We put both of the Eyeshades next to each other to give you a real look at what's really good! Check out all the comparisons after the jump...


As you can see the  NEW OAKLEY EYESHADES  are slightly bigger then the vintage version. The Oakley logo on the vintage version is printed on not done with a laser. When dealing with screen printing on lenses you have to be super careful. Often the print rubs off with normal wear and tear, or when washing them. I must say the new laser logo is a smart move!

The sides of the NEW OAKLEY EYSHADES are exactly the same as the VINTAGE OAKLEY EYESHADES, however the vintage version came with two sets of arms. One for sports use, and one for every day wear.

The VINTAGE OAKLEY EYESHADES had a rather weird sweat bar made from a rubber like foam. Almost every vintage model i have ever seen has the foam part either missing, or just plain falling apart. The choice to remove it was smart!

The NEW OAKLEY EYESHADES come with an evolved case. The material is made for properly cleaning the high-tech Oakley lenses. The old case, while cool looking was pretty whack. Due to the top opening being the way it is, easy access to the inside of the case was not possible. Again, i like the new and improved case!

Overall, i must say, i like the new version better of this OAKLEY EYESHADE. The integrity of the vintage model was kept, but the technological advances that we added, and in a very slight was really make this product super dope!