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Creme De La Creme: Vintage Caviar M2522 Sunglasses

Vintage Sunglasses can be considered the caviar of the eyewear industry. Caviar Vintage Sunglasses are really the creme de la creme. Vintage Caviar Sunglasses are the highest end eyewear that is out there. The materials and styles are very well made, and extremely noticeable. In the past we have collaborated with Caviar Eyewear to produce a limited edition Vintage Frames Company project. The Vintage Caviar m2522 Sunglasses are very rare! Extreme attention to detail can be found on the sides of this frame. The Vintage Caviar M2522 Sunglasses come in black and brown. We have a huge shipment of Vintage Caviar Sunglasses that has just arrived for the new year at The Vintage Frames Shop. Head over to check them out! More pictures of The Vintage Caviar M2522 Sunglasses after the jump...



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