The Vintage Frames Company x x Corey Shapiro

The Vintage Frames Company x x Corey Shapiro

Our dude Perez Hilton is on his world tour adventure with his moms in Israel. No vacation is complete without Vintage Frames, and Perez thinks the same way. Our homie again, shouts us out! Check out more on Perez Hilton and The Vintage Frames Company after the jump...


Exploring Israel: Part 4

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Another splendid day in the Holy Land!

On Wednesday, we began our journey by paying a visit to the Jordan River and the baptism site of Yardenit on the southern tip of Galilee, near where Jesus himself was baptized (above).

Momma Perez even bought a bottle to take some water back home. Holy water! Literally!

We splashed some on ourselves and then we headed to the desert and up via cable car to the old fortress in the sky, Massada, which was built during Roman times - literally carved into the rock on top of the mountain.

Afterwards, we made our way to one of the famous beaches on the Dead Sea for a bit of a splash! And, though we're not much of a buyer of nicknacks and touristy things, we did purchase some Dead Sea bath salts and soaps.

We're taking Israel home with us too!

Check out more photos from our adventures (below)!

[Perez's Sabre sunglasses courtesy of Corey Shapiro at Vintage Frames Company. ]