The Vintage Frames Company On Perez Hilton

The Vintage Frames Company On Perez Hilton

My main man Perez Hilton doesn't leave home without The Vintage Frames Company. Vintage Sunglasses are an extension of his being! Today on the infamous our dude Perez is in Egypt with his mom on vacation rocking Vintage Frames from The Vintage Frames Shop. The Vintage Frames Company loves us some Perez Hilton!  More pics after the jump...


Aventures In Egypt: Part 1

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Our first day in Egypt was magical!!!!

Our adventures took us to the city and surrounding areas of Luxor, where we made some new friends at Luxor Temple (above).

It really is mind-blowing to think that this was built tens of hundreds of years ago!

Though the Luxor Temple is moderate in size, it is most impressive. The attention to detail is astonishing! Even the backs of statues - facings walls - were etched in hieroglyphics and told a story.

We also visited the nearby temple of Karnak, also on the East Bank, which is nearly 200 acres large!

The great temple at the heart of Karnak is so big that St. Peter's, Milan and Notre Dame Cathedrals could be lost within its walls!

Mom and sis were as awed as we were!

Check out our pics in the photo gallery below!

[Perez's sunglasses by Vintage Frames Company.]