The Vintage Frames Shop: Dr. Shapiro Collection

The Vintage Frames Company and The Vintage Frames Shop are very proud to announce a new collection of Vintage Sunglasses. It has been some time we have been planning on doing this. Our founder and chief Corey Shapiro has been grinding away for the past couple of months planning for 2011. The new year brings a new format to The Vintage Frames Company. We are proud to announce the launch of the highly anticipated Dr. Shapiro Collection. This limited edition collection will release every quarter of 2011 with a Vintage Sunglasses revival program. We have carefully chosen 4 frames to re-release to our loyal clients. Each frame will have significant meaning and presence to it. All frames are made in collaboration with the original eyewear companies, in the original factories that produced them in the past. Stay tuned later on today for the first in the Dr. Shapiro Collection.