Rick Ross Sunglasses Fitting At Home In Miami

The Vintage Frames Company and Vintage Frames Shop offer a very elite service. We have become very well known for travel far and beyond to service our clients. My big bro Rick Ross is a Vintage Sunglasses beast. Besides being a huge client, he has inducted as to the Maybach Music family as the official frames guys. It is for this reason we put in so much care to make sure that Rick Ross's Sunglasses game is beyond on point. i figured i would let you in on what a Private Vintage Sunglasses Appointment with Rick Ross looks like. Don't be fooled by all these other assholes trying to be Vintage Frames. There are no other kings of the past, present or future. We are the ones! In case you want to skip a private appointment and get right to shopping, check out The Vintage Frames Shop.