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Creme De La Creme: Vintage Alfa Romeo 66-0661 Sunglasses Available At The Vintage Frames Shop

Some Vintage Sunglasses collectors collect Vintage Carrera Sunglasses, some collect Vintage Porsche Sunglasses, while others look for Vintage Ferrari Sunglasses. The real cats collect Vintage Alfa Romeo Sunglasses. The Vintage Alfa Romeo 66-0661 Sunglasses are one of the most elite vintage frames from that eyewear line. Very bold cut lines make this a unisex eyewear classic! We have a large selection of Vintage Alfa romeo Sunglasses at The Vintage Frames Shop. Check out more pics of the Vintage Alfa Romeo 66-0661 Sunglasses after the jump, and head over to The Vintage Frames Shop to peep the craziest in vintage eyewear.



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