F As In Frank: Our Brothers From the West

F As In Frank: Our Brothers From the West

Born and raised in Ontario, Jesse and Drew Heifetz grew up in an environment heavily inspired by vintage clothing. Their father, David Heifetz, was a strong influence, having been involved in the vintage clothing business himself since 1969. Considered one of the originators of the used clothing business, David even sold clothing at Woodstock! With memories of jumping off rafters into giant piles of vintage Levi’s as children, the two have been surrounded by vintage clothing their whole lives. They have developed their family-orientated business right from the heart.

Over the years, they have gathered an extensive knowledge and passion for vintage clothing: from gathering collectible high-end inspiration pieces, wholesaling to a wide range of stores worldwide, to eventually opening their first successful retail clothing operation.

Their first store opened in 2007, a new addition to the Whistler shopping experience. It supplied an eclectic collection of vintage clothing and was a ‘one of a kind’ shopping experience. F AS IN FRANK quickly gained a cult following in the area, leading to the opening of their larger and more innovative location in Vancouver. With the growth of their wholesale business both in Vancouver and in Toronto, the retail location is never in short supply and has the largest and most curated selection in the city.

Jesse and Drew pride themselves on stepping outside the traditional mold of the vintage clothing business. Always seeking out the next hot commodity or pushing the limit of acceptable fashion while continuously growing the F AS IN FRANK brand. Peep the illest Vintage Dudes, our brothers F AS IN FRANK HERE