Ben Baller x The Vintage Frames Company x Cazal 951

By far the nicest shout out was from my big brother Ben Baller of the world famous Ifandco. One of the greatest compliments i have received in the past was that i was like the Ben Baller of Vintage Shades! Check out the write up he did on the Ifandco Blog. Platinum respect good sir!
It Reads:

since 1982, I used to dream about owning a pair of Cazal sunglasses…. then one day years later, my big brother got a pair and I used to wear them, but he didn’t get the OG Run DMC joints…. he got the 951’s which a lot of pimp’s were rocking….

6 or so years later in the late 80’s I copped a different pair of OG Cazal’s from the Slauson Swapmeet for nothing… literally dirt cheap.
20 years after that! I still had them in MINT condition! and that’s when I met Corey Shapiro who owns Vintage Frames and we met at a photo shoot for DIM MAK and our mutual friend Steve Aoki linked us up….

I used to browse through vintage sunglass/eyewear shops around LA just to see the prices of things and the glasses I sold Corey were like $1500!!!!! but I sold them to him for waaaaaaaaay less and I’ve always been a fan, but felt like I was too far behind on the game to get in on it…. so I appreciated it from afar or from windows….

once I found out that Corey provides most of the vintage eyewear for Factory 413, I was almost sold… but then I seen he literally had the game cornered when celebrity crazy vintage frame fiends would all hit him up and I’d see the illest shit on his facebook etc…..I knew Corey owned the game worldwide. (he’s from Montreal)

so now his company is collaborating with Cazal officially to release their own design and the classic 951!

I’m working on a design as well with Corey to ice these glasses the fuck out!