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Vintage Alpina Sunglasses Catalogue: Vintage Alpina FM 19 Sunglasses

Alpina is one of the most recognized sunglasses brands to ever exist. In the 1980's, Alpina International was breaking down design barriers and creating one of the most industrial looking lines of it's time! High class materials, as well as the Vintage Alpina Sunglasses signature bolts on the frames all contributed to it's success! One of the most popular frames from the Vintage Alpina Sunglasses series is the Alpina M1. Fashion enthusiasts and artists alike have gravitated to this model, and made it a staple in their everyday wardrobe! Most Of the Vintage Alpina Sunglasses line is very hard to find these days! The Vintage Frames Company will be releasing models in their archive almost daily for the next month! As well, The Vintage Frames Company will be showcasing a new Vintage Alpina model every day for the next month. Vintage spread sheets were gathered to give an in depth look of the history of Alpina Sunglasses. More pics specs from the Vintage Alpina Sunglasses Book after the jump...



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