LXR BOUTIQUE MONTREAL: Vintage Louis Vuitton Party Pre-Fall Sale August 27th

As you all know i am a Vintage Luxury Collector! Whether it be Vintage Mcm, Vintage Gucci, Or even Vintage Louis Vuitton, i want it all! Over the past couple of months we have engaged in working with a Luxury Archive by the name of LXR Produits De Luxe in Montreal. This team of luxury experts specializes in products that we do not carry such as high end purses and such. When i went to go pick up a present for Jenn yesterday at the shop, i was pleased to see that LXR was holding a very cool Pre-Fall Sale on August 27th. I figured i would throw you all a little tip! These are good dudes with some dope product and the prices are pretty damn right! LXR will also take international orders so do not hesitate to call them at 514-623-2052.