Backstage: The Roots Montreal June 30th

After a long day of work with our favorite musicians they were nice enough to gift the entire staff with backstage passes to the concert! Besides me slipping the crew weed cookies, by accident, the show was amazing! I have been spoiled to not have to watch shows in a crowd, and for the first time, i got to have my whole staff with me. The Roots are on fire! Song after song they kept a level of energy that was keeping the crowd screaming for more. Questlove walked onto stage and performed in his new Vintage Neostyle Sunglasses. Keep an eye out for our shades on Jimmy Falon Show, as well as check out more pics after the jump...


The crew poisoned by weed cookies... BY ACCIDENT!

Brady and Britt

In awe of the show!

The view from backstage

Jenn Finkelstein Myself and Britt

Questlove in his new Vintage Neostyle Sunglasses