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Teki Latek And Dj Orgasmic : Visit The Vintage Frames Company In Montreal

My dudes from TTC and Sound Pellegrino in France Teki Latek and Dj Orgasmic rolled through town this past weekend. When visiting Montreal is is a MUST to stop by The Vintage Frames Company to peep the new selection of Vintage Sunglasses. For a hot minute now i have been trying to get Teki Latek into the Vintage Versace Biggie Sunglasses. It couldn't be a more perfect fit! As well, Dj Orgasmic as always checked out some of our super frames ending up going with a Vintage Christian Roth Runway Frame. The combo of the duo's new Vintage Sunglasses are deadly! It is always a pleasure to see my boys! Hope they come to Montreal more often. More pictures of the Private Vintage Sunglasses Appointment after the jump...



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