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Pauly D : And I Thought They Were Screaming For Me!

Last week in Toronto was the Much Music Video Awards. The city was filled with our artist and celeb clients. After all our appointments during the day, the team decided to go out on the town at night. We were invited to go to Perez Hilton's One Night In Toronto PartyPauly D of The Jersey Shore and were glad to attend. As i was walking up the stairs to the VIP section a huge crowd of women were screaming their heads off! I was stocked that they were screaming for me... only to turn around and see our dude right behind me. Pauly D may not be the usual type of dude i hang with, but he is one funny motherfucker. So far, his sunglasses game has been a little weak. Keep on checking back to see if our night his him has made him change his sunglasses game at all! More pics after the jump...



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