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Creme De La Creme: Vintage Ultra Sudan Deluxe Sunglasses

Vintage Ultra Sunglasses are one of the coolest brands out there. Owned by the American distribution house for Cazal, they are my second favorite brand. Being a family owned brand, Ultra Sunglasses and Eyewear hit very close to home for the people who ran the brand. Passed down by two generations, each and ever member has great pride in this line! The great thing about owning and controlling you own brand is you get to experiment with it at will! Ultra was no exception. the original owner tried so many cool designs and variations of each of the frames that it is almost hard to come up with a real history and time line for the brand. This Sudan model by Ultra was no exception. Custom stones and coloration went into this frame. It was produced in a very limited number, so limited that the original owners of the brand forgot they existed. We have just received a large Vintage Ultra Sunglasses stock. Check out more pics after the jump...



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