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The Big Bash: My Birthday Smash

I have never been one to celebrate my birthday with such a bang. I'm not big on enforced moments of attention. This year, knowing i was not a big birthday dude Jenn decided to take over the plans and SMASHED it! As we do almost every other night, the whole crew rolled to Kaizan Restaurant in Montreal. I was greeted by my photographer friend and the most amazing cake i have ever seen. Jenn had turned my life into a cake. A figure of myself and the bullies sitting on an MCM boombox almost had me in tears! The mom and daughter duo of La Gaterie made the most amazing cake i have ever seen! Check out the details! My shades, watch, even my Air Trainer Sc's! This was the best birthday ever! Loads of sake and toro...BANANAS! Thanks to everyone who rolled out, and to Jenn for the amazing day! Check out the insanity after the jump...


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