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Dennis Rodman Celebrates His Birthday In Montreal With An Appointment From The Vintage Frames Company

Dennis Rodman came to town to celebrate his 49th birthday yesterday. As you all know, no trip to Montreal is complete without a showing from The Vintage Frames Company. Dennis Rodman is in town to celebrate his birthday at Tonic Nightclub tonight. Before he made his special Montreal appearance he wanted to get his Vintage Sunglasses game right! We went over to his hotel and got him fitted in his new vintage frames. Rodman was interesting as he was not concerned with brands names on his Vintage Sunglasses. He had certain shapes in mind and couldn't of cared about the vintage sunglasses brands. Rodman's wacky personality came through when he was picking his vintage shades. Only the best Vintage Sunglasses for Dennis Rodman on his Montreal birthday celebration. Many more pics of Dennis Rodman's private Vintage Sunglasses appointment after the jump...



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