Where In The World Is Corey Sandiego?!?!?!? Part 9

Some people say i'm the guy. Like the guy behind the guy, who knows the guy. But on the real, the man in front of you is the REAL GUY. If it was not for my grandfathers Vintage Cazal 951 Sunglasses i would not be here. My Vintage Sunglasses obsession started because of his fashion addiction. I remember going into his "MAN CLOSET" when i was younger and trying on all his sunglasses and sneakers. I always loved the way he presented himself. Cool and calm on the outside, but pushed around, a fighter on the inside! His greatest pleasure is to see how ridiculous i have become! Big beard, big shades, and big sneaks! During the next couple of weeks we will be posting an interview with my grandfather, as my staff gets to interview him about how i was when i was a kid! OOOOOOH BOY!