New Porsche Eyewear: GET A CLUE!

I am always blown away by peoples false sales pitches. My favorite of the Vision Expo East was that of Porsches. Now i know not every dude walking this show has my knowledge, but, regardless you should stick to the truth. I was pitched on the new revival line from Porsche at the show. Besides for the bullshit coming out of their mouth, they asked me what frame i was wearing, which just happened to be a Vintage Porsche. According to them, no Porsches were made with changeable lenses, as well as Yoko Ono was rocking Vintage Porsche 5621's on the cover of Rolling Stones mag. I took the time to give these dudes a little history lesson. Maybe they will get the point and start making better retro models. Check out the pictures of the new Porsche sunglasses after the jump to understand what i am saying!