Silver Lining Opticians for Opening Ceremony 1986 Rodenstock Aviator

Silver Lining Opticians, join forces with retail sensation, Opening Ceremony. The duo is set to release an exclusive iconic Aviator style frame from 1986 as a limited edition offering.

German eyewear and lens company Rodenstock released this frame as an ophthalmic style sans lenses in 1986. Now, in 2010, Silver Lining and Opening Ceremony have fitted the frames with five color choices of the finest quality mirrored lenses.

For the last 75 years, the aviator has been a coveted style from military and police legends to fashion and celebrity icons. The single bridge design and custom mirrors are this aviator’s signature elements.

Available beginning February 13 at Silver Lining Opticians, Opening Ceremony New York, Los Angeles, and just in time for the opening of their second New York location, the Ace Hotel. More pics after the jump...