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New Stock Just In: Vintage Christian Roth Sunglasses Available For Purchase!

Move over Super Sunglasses, move over Mcqueen. Today The Vintage Frames Company just received a new shipment of the original sunglasses that you all used as inspiration. Why be like everyone else when you can clearly own the deadstock original vintage sunglasses so many designers used as inspiration. Last year was the breakout year for Vintage Christian Roth Sunglasses. With many being seen on artists world wide including Rihanna, they have become a rare find! The ones you see in front of you are from the Optical Affairs for Kl line made for runway by Christian Roth. There are 3 colors and one leather model available. To place an order, drag and drop the picture into an email and send it to and we will get back to you with details! More pics after the jump...



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