As Seen On

As Seen On: The Vintage Frames Company Featured On

As Seen On: The Vintage Frames Company Featured On

Wow, well today was a rather huge day with shout outs and features. To add to the list of cool little articles we were featured on SPBGOES.COM Check out the full article after the jump...


Vintage Frames...YES PLEASE!

Its 7:00 AM. I am awake. Blogging. To you. Sorry I did not update a lot yesterday, I was so tired from the weekend and needed a day to relax. Did you miss me? I ASSUME SO. I missed you more, trust me. I spent all day thinking of fun stuff to write SO BEWARE...THIS WEEK, THE POSTS WILL BE BONKERS. CAN YOU HANDLE IT? I promise more updates, more gossip, more music & MANY MORE SURPRISES. 

Speaking of surprises....HOW CUTE IS THAT? I wish I still had those shades today....

That my friends is proof that I have been rocking stunna shades since I was a baby.

Do you know who else has been rocking shades for the majority of his life? My good friend, Corey Shapiro. If you ever have the chance to sit down and chat with him, you will learn that his life is pretty different than most 27 year olds you know. Corey is sorta a sunglass God (CShaps, how much are you loving that I just called you a sunglass God?!) and sells most of his shades to known celebrities in NY, LA, Boston, Miami, Toronto & MTL. His story is unique to what you may have heard...YOU THINK YOU KNOW, BUT YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

Corey started his career as the owner of a store on St. Laurent called Sneaker Freaker. Being an avid sneaker collector, ALSO KNOWN AS A SNEAKER HEAD (how hip am I?!), Corey was forced to close down his business at a young age and knew he needed a new product to sell to continue living the lifestyle to which he was custom. After pondering different ideas, EUREKA! Vintage sunglasses. 


Corey first showed an interest in vintage eyewear when his grandfather gave him his first pair of Cazal 951s. Being one of the most famous pairs of sunglasses out there (still today), Corey rocked them hard, always with a new pair of sneakers on foot, and realized that sunglasses could very well be the next sneaker. With lots of hard work, luck and keeping his previous connections with the right people, many of whom he had met at sneaker battles, Corey Shapiro became known as Mr. Vintage Frames...a stylist to the trendy celebrities.

Before he realized, Corey's business began to blow up. His collections of shades ranged from anything and everything for males, females and even dogs. He has sold glasses to everyone from Paris Hilton, Nicky Richie, Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Pharell, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Samantha Ronson, Lindsay Lohan, Steve Aoki, A-Trak, Perez Hilton and even SPB! 


Make sure to check out his site (and blog...I guess I have some competition) for all the latest trends and taste of his shades, which are all DESIGNER EXCLUSIVE UNWORN VINTAGE FRAMES by the way. I happen to own tons of pairs and always get compliments on my pieces. Check him out on Facebook or twitter.

Corey Shapiro & Wale
Official Wale Afterparty Presented By: Fresh Productions 


As promised, I HAVE A TREAT! Normally, Corey only sees "certain people" by referral or appointment, but SINCE WE ARE BESTIES....I have hooked you up. If any reader wants to go in this week for their VERY OWN CUSTOM PAIR, just holler at Corey, say SPB sent you and MAGIC - you're in. Thats how I roll.