Ralph Vaessen: The Art Of Handcrafted Natural Horn Eyewear

Ralph Vaessen is a brand of premium, exclusive, luxurious and fashionable eyewear. Made of rare natural horn, sometimes even in combination with wood or snakeskin leather. Handcrafted by skilled craftsmen with many years of experience at a small atelier in Germany. Because of the natural horn each piece has slightly different colors and self willed fibrous structures. Every frame is characteristics are unique!

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of putting horn on your face, it is a very light material making it very comfortable to wear. Horn made eyewear is just next level. A process that has been used since the start of time, horn eyewear is a must have. By taking such a rare material and mixing it with the brilliant mind of Ralph Vaessen you will freakout when you see what comes to fruition.

Most of the styles are based on vintage sunglasses of the past. Combined with a new twist and quality craftsmanship, the product is un-matched. I have had the pleasure to properly review the line by feeling each and everyone of the pieces myself. Check out my favorites from the line after the jump...