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What Up Gangstars! Jay Louis Introduces Himself At The Gza Show

I was invited to go see the one and only GZA perform in Montreal. Me and the fam sat up top in the VIP section. My dude Chris, a ladies man, had all these girls around him all night. As the show rounded up all the girls that were chilling with him were slowly gravitating to the other side of the VIP. After all Chris's chicks had left him, i went over to see what the ruckus was. There, at 2 feet and some inches stood the center of attention. A puppet by the name of Jay Louis! From the famous What Up Gangsters Webpage, Jay Louis, had stolen Chris's girls! OOOOOOOH CHRISSY! I introduced myself and worked out a deal with the puppet to get those tacky yellow shades of his face and into some dope Vintage Sunglasses. Keep posted to see out private fitting with Jay Louis. more pics after the jump...



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