How To Authenticate Vintage Sunglasses

How To Authenticate Vintage Sunglasses

We receive many emails about authenticity of designer Vintage Sunglasses. Over the years their have been many reproductions of Vintage Eyewear. As time passes, the wear and tear of the sunglasses often make it hard to differentiate what’s real and what's fake. Vintage Frames Company is the world’s largest Vintage Sunglasses distribution initiative. After having held hundreds of thousands of frames, we have developed a process of authentication internally. More than just a Vintage Sunglasses initiative, we are historians of this product and genre. We pride ourselves on having the largest amount of pamphlets, catalogues, and resources to aid our educated authentication process.

In the case of Cartier, there is much speculation on what’s real and fake. We often hear stories of people trying to authenticate Cartier eyewear of the past in present stores. The honest answer is that most of the current employees have never even seen these products as the bulk of them were distributed before they were employed by the brand.

If you have any questions or comments about a pair of frames please hit us up and we would be glad to try and help! Beware, any bootleg frames found will be burned!

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