Vintage Frames by Corey Shapiro Love/Hate Now Available!

Welcome to the home of the new Vintage Frame by Corey Shapiro Sunglasses line. You may be thinking "new" vintage is an oxymoron, but if you understand my history, you will see the finesse. Over the past eight years I have been the owner and founder of The Vintage Frames Company, the world's largest vintage eyewear archive. Most people better know me as the personal eyewear consultant to most of the pop culture world, but very few know my in depth history with frames. The past five years has been a wild ride ghost designing for many of today's top sunglasses brands. The joy of the design process has been seeing my creations come to life, the sadness has been the quality and manufacturing process that has been used. Vintage Frames is an attestation to true old school craftsmanship in eyewear. Even though most modern day factories think i'm a maniac, I believe it's important to bring eyewear back to it's roots. Wearable editorial expressive designs, with hand made quality and techniques is what you will be seeing from our lab. Forgetting about the technological advances in frame manufacturing and bringing it back to the forgotten basis. Daring to have your frames give the first impression upon first site. Join me on the journey to make eyewear fun again. Every Thursday this summer we will be doing an exclusive release in limited quantity at Our subscribers will be the first to be notified of the colour way before the rest of the world. Vintage Frames by Corey Shapiro made by 100% Fucking Maniacs.