Vintage Frames: As Seen Through The Eyes Of Jamie Frank

The beauty of Vintage Sunglasses is that it allows each user to see the world in a different light. The most interesting part of life is the differentiation of perception. The Vintage Frames Company has embarked on a new series of editorials inviting photographers from all around the world to participate. There is certain mystical allure to be able to see what someone else may have been sensitive enough to capture. Jamie Frank is a native Montrealer that has been seeing the world through the lens of a camera since his father handed him his old Nikon 20/20 over two decades ago. As an passionate traveler, Jamie has always sought to portray the true emotion, the hidden spirit of the places he visits. Capturing the human condition at its most vulnerable creates not only an emotional connection with the viewer, but also, if only subconsciously, a unification as one people sharing commonalities that transcends the self-imposed divisions of faith, culture and nationality. Get ready to see Vintage Frames as seen through the eyes of Jamie Frank.