Vintage Frames Company Community Project: Supreme La Rock

Vintage Frames Company Community Project: Supreme La Rock

Name: Supreme La Rock
Age: 35
Job: DJ

Who Are You:
Hello, I'm a DJ from the West Coast (Seattle, Wa.) known as "Supreme La Rock"

What is your most prized pair of Vintage Frames and why:
My clear Cazal 606's because I purchased them when they came out in the mid 80's.  I hustled up the money to buy them. Like $150 and I was around 12 years old. I still have them to this day. I also, later on purchased a pair of Cazal 951's when they came out and I wore those in the "Posse On Broadway" video (see pic)

What is your earliest memory of a pair of frames that stuck in your head until today: 
As a youngster in the 70's Elton John was very popular and known for all his glasses. He rocked a pair that had windshield wipers on them and I have never ever forgot those.

If you could stumble upon 1 pair of Vintage Frames, what would it be:
Cazal 616. They aren't the illest but hard to find these days. I had a few pair in the past but ended up trading and selling them off. I want a pair now that I don't have them any longer.

About how many Vintage Frames do you have in your collection:
Only around 30 at this point. Lots of Cazal, MCM, Sergio Valente, Pierre Cardin, Carrera, EK, etc.

Why do you choose Vintage Frames instead of new eyewear:
 It seems like everything no matter what was really funky in the 70's and 80's. The designs back then were just sick. They were also, manufactured better. Over the years companies have tried to find ways to make more money and the end product has ended up suffering being made with cheaper bad quality materials. The glasses aren't made as good these days and todays designs pretty much suck. The only new glasses I have are the Louis Vuitton "Millionaires" (see pic) and even those are knock offs of the glasses Al Pacino was wearing as his Tony Montana character in Scarface. So they are kind of vintage and they are made very well.