Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones Changed Sunglasses Forever

Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones Changed Sunglasses Forever

It's no secret that rock 'n' roll fashion has influenced the modern fashion we see today. Pioneering rock and roll acts, which at one time were looked upon as rebellious misfits, have aged into fashion icons. In the 1970s, a wild, outspoken band from England made their way onto the global scene; they called themselves The Rolling Stones. Led by lead singer Mick Jagger, the outlandish band at the time helped push fashion culture into another sphere, making the onlookers of their era uncomfortable with their choices.

Mick Jagger became famous for many different fashion items, but none were as notable as his vintage sunglasses. Jagger broke down eyewear barriers, making eyewear not just about style, but about the way you wear it. Mick Jagger's eyewear choices were incredibly diverse and often without clear reason. His effortlessly cool style, which often included women's eyewear, helped position the idea that eyewear was not about how it fit you, but how it made you feel.

At Vintage Frames Company, we pride ourselves on paying homage to vintage sunglass moments of the past while creating iconic sunglasses for the future. As part of our new rock 'n' roll collection, we've tapped into Jagger's sunglasses style and attitude to create our newest classic frame.

With the combination of vintage acetates, rare lens curvatures, and unisex styling, we have successfully preserved what Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones worked so hard to create!

PHOTO CREDIT: Ted West/Central Press/Getty Images