Montreal Looses A Pioneer: RIP BAD NEWS BROWN

Montreal Looses A Pioneer: RIP BAD NEWS BROWN

I was 17 and straight out of fashion school in Montreal. For many years i had lived amongst a hip hop community never really sure how to grow with it. At the time, I had a less then ambitious job. I had dreams of starting a clothing revolution in Montreal. I was introduced to musician by the name of Bad News Brown. At the time, he was living in someones basement in my hood in Montreal. At the time, i had never met a more dedicated person. Passionate and talented, pursuing his goals on his own. At the time, Bad News was struggling every day to make his dreams come true. Coming from a less fortunate place then my friends at the time, he was truly the first person to inspire and spark my dedication.

As i started to release my clothing line, BNB almost took me by the hand and guided me though a scene of people that wanted to take advantage of my kindness. He was the first to point out the real, from the fake. Although we had different goals in life, we continued to cross paths many times during the year, always happy to see each other. Any time i would see him opening up for artists at concerts in Montreal , I was the loudest in the crowd. Still, and always inspired from what he had accomplished, and the drive he continued to have. BNB touched many lives. Whether you were a friend or a fan, when he walked into a room, his presence was felt and it was BAAAAAAAAAAD NEEEEEEEEEWWWWSSS. I can still hear his harmonica playing through smokey rooms, throughout my youth always impressed by his style.

The kind of help and dedication that Bad News Brown had will not die. I personally will contribute to help it live on forever. If not a fan of his music, you can not forget about his drive and struggle.

Bad News Brown was killed early this morning in Little Burgundy, a small suburb in Montreal. I woke up to the news and for once, am speechless. His friendship, and beautiful music will always be missed. A couple of us from Montreal will be putting together a charity in his name to help honor a man who touched us all. Please stay tuned as we will release information in the next coming days.

RIP Bad News Brown. You will never be forgotten!