Summer Jam 2010: Private Vintage Sunglasses Appointment For Rick Ross - A Day In The Life Of Corey

Summer Jam 2010: Private Vintage Sunglasses Appointment For Rick Ross - A Day In The Life Of Corey

Very few people have my personal cell phone, actually, not even my family has it! Rick Ross and The Maybach Music fam are one of the few camps to have the number. Late on Saturday i got a call from Rick Ross's camp asking me for a special selection of Vintage Sunglasses to be brought down to Summer Jam 2010 in NYC early the next morning. Within the hour, The Vintage Frames Company staff gathered at the office to put a special selection for the boss together. A 6am flight was all we could come up with, and to activate a Carnet to properly travel with the goods, we found ourselves at the airport at 4 am. With a return flight less then 24 hours away we decided to document the voyage to Hot97's Summer Jam 2010 to give you an insight into just how we cater to our elite clientele! Check out the story after the jump...

The whole staff rushed to the office to put together the requested "200 Frame" selection for Rick Ross. We put together the Creme De La Creme and got in ready for our early am flight.

Arriving at the airport in Montreal to deal with customs at 4am was pretty wild. Especially considering i was the only one in the airport. i guess Sunday at 4am isn't a prime travel time!

Spiff and the security came to scoop me from the hotel to head to New Jersey for Summer Jam 2010.

Spiff taking an early peak at the insane selection of Ultra's put together for the boss!

I arrived at the spot to go meet everyone on Dj Khaled's tour bus.

For those of you who have never been inside a tour bus, here's some pics of a deluxe one!

Dope ass Tv, Wi-fi, deluxe sofas.. all that!

Huge master bedroom in the back! A deluxe bus is the only way to travel!

Dj Khaled and the whole squad was on deck preparing for their insane performance at Summer Jam 2010

A small curated selection out of the over 250 frames was brought on site to choose from for the show.

Popeyes on deck on the tour bus is a must!

At about 5pm we all hoped into the van and headed to prepare for the show at this gigantic stadium in New Jersey. Over 60 000 people came out to see this!

Drug and bomb squad were everywhere!

THE history! Watch the performance HERE