Notorious Barbershop Montreal Is Now Open

Notorious Barbershop Montreal Is Now Open


I know it's been a minute since i personally posted, so pardon me! I have been in the cut not only developing a new Vintage Frames Company initiative, but opening my Barbershop as well. People have asked what the barbershop has to do with Vintage Frames Company, simply, it's our lifestyle. As i travel the globe with my team there is always some place in other cities that i enjoy taking an hour of my day and relaxing at. In Montreal, there was nothing. My partner P-Thugg (Chromeo) and i felt very similar and decided to bite the bullet, and create what lacked in Montreal. The Notorious BarberShop was born! A combination of what we wanted and couldn't afford in our youth, mixed with our current lavish lifestyle has bred a new standard of barbershops in Montreal. Every single detail down to the Versace home trims and tiles were hand picked and executed. We took on Montreal building sensations The Gauley Brothers to help execute our vision. It wasn't enough to make the most insane looking barbershop in Montreal, we went even further and imported all of our in-house barbers. Each of our barbers has a certain skill that makes them un-matched in the barber world. Our men's grooming products were hand selected throughout our travels, most of which we have Canadian exclusivity to. What we have created with this barbershop is equally as unique in Montreal as it would be in the rest of the world. Come join us and experience what Montreal now was to offer. The Notorious Barbershop is located at 4677 Notre Dame West. We accept walk-ins and appointments daily from 9am-9pm. We can be reached at 514-507-6974.

Pictures By @Naskademini


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