Morning Inspiration: "Life Is A Pyramid"

Morning Inspiration: "Life Is A Pyramid"

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Life is a pyramid, those who tell you different are blind. The realists build there way up, the optimists try to start from the top. The best thing in school was history, as you would always notice history repeating. The most common downfall was what I called "bling height". Once people reached the top they forgot about the bottom that they came from. Positions are held with nurture, if your structure won't hold you, it will crumble down. A king is only a king if he respects his people, without that, he's just a dude with a crown. The struggle for the top is real, but it's the drips of the journey that are most important. The second you look down on where you been will be the second your pyramid will crumble. The best leader will always be the "people's" leader, this applies to life and business. Always remember where you came from, always remember how you got there, always remember who helped you climb. A true king shares his crown with his empire. It's #Monday and hate it or love it we will always be on the ground with our fucking homies! Taking the lead is easy, holding the lead is the challenge. Learn from the mistakes of history, don't be the fool that repeats it. Only a fool cares about the crown more then the drips on the pyramid.#morninginspiration #vintageframes

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