Riff Raff Wears Versace and MCM From Vintage Frames Company In Montreal

Riff Raff Wears Versace and MCM From Vintage Frames Company In Montreal


On July 24th, Hip-Hop artist Riff Raff came to Montreal Canada for a concert at Ballroom , one of the hottest clubs streets on Saint Laurent, in downtown Montreal. Riff Raff killed the stage with his performance. Fans were excited to see him perform , but Riff Raff surprised them by selling merchandise that he autographed, met his fans personally and took pictures with him. His fans very much appreciated the gesture!

Before Riff Raff went on stage of course he went to the most dope office of Vintage Frames . There, Corey Shapiro styled Riff Raff with only the best Vintage Frames Company Jewelry and MCM Sunglasses. Full of Versace chains , Riff Raff had a photo shoot with one of a kind Versace background. We can't wait to show you the pictures coming out soon!

Versace is a well know Italian fashion house , full of luxury since their inception , one of the rarest brands they have , all the beautiful jewelry consists of heavy chains and pendants . Riff Raff rocked these Vintage Versace chains . Riff Raff also had on Vintage Frames MCM sunglasses , MCM is A2 03 Sunglasses . www.vintageframesshop.com


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