Morning Inspiration: "The Man Is The Machine"

Morning Inspiration: "The Man Is The Machine"

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Like a machine, every morning, same ritual. The same way you push the button of the factory production line, is the same way I walk and drink my morning #coffee. Machines are not the only things that require a start button, humans do to. Some start with a bowl of fruit, others with a morning run. Everyone is different, yet our needs are the same. What business people tend to forget is the person running the enterprise is equally as important as the enterprise itself. People give up their lives, health, and some times sanity to make their business work. At the end you may have a strong enterprise, but have lost oneself. The man is the machine, not the machine is the man. Everyone needs to reboot, everyone needs time for themselves. It is the little things everyday that make the smiles, without them, we live in grey. Never let your enterprise fall to the waist, but never let the enterprise consume you. It is the delicate balance that allows prosper. Without that balance it is all a waist. It's#tuesday and if you don't yet know how to start your machine, it's about fucking time to learn! You made the money, you got the fame, you are on the rise, BUT you are sick... NOW WHAT! It is obvious that you haven't found that internal balance. Your enterprise is like a wife, but without the husband there can't be a marriage. Walk hand in hand, but never with one behind. #morninginapiration #vintageframes

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