Vintage Versace Belt Buckle VS020 Available At Vintage Frames Company



1978 Was the year Gianni Versace decided to use the Medusa as It’s logo . The meaning behind the Medusa as their signature symbol was created when Versace “thought that whoever falls in love with the Medusa can’t flee from her “ Medusa could kill and turn people into stone . As this beautiful gold Medusa belt buckle piece that was created in the late 1970’s early 1980’s , this vintage belt buckle piece is now killing the game of fashion . The belt buckle has built up in history and now is rare .
  Pairing this gold vintage belt buckle with a plain black belt would make it complete , This belt buckle makes a statement , it’s not just the Medusa’s “head” , it’s “6.5X2 inches “ including the wings . This belt can be worn my men and woman , wearing all black will make this belt buckle stand out . Kill the fashion game with the Medusa Belt Buckle of the price $599.99. Get it HERE.