Morning Inspiration: "Number One"

Morning Inspiration: "Number One"

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Nobody remembers who came in second place. Nobody cares who almost got the job. Nobody gives a fuck about who could have made it. We are in this game to win, anyone who tells you different is about to fuck you! The game of life isn't easy, if you expect it to be just sit down, you weren't meant to play. People will try to box you in, never conform. People will try to hold you down, never allow it to happen. People will build fences with barbed wire, prepare to get cut. Being number one requires guts! Many will watch and only join when you have succeeded. Beware of enemies, most of the time they pose as friends. Keep your ear to the streets, the truth is always on the pavement. Play your game, even if you invent your own. Never settle for second, you were always meant to be number one! Hold your head up high, bulldoze anything that stands in your way. You were bred to win, you don't even understand what loose means. It's#Friday I ain't got tattoos, those are fucking battle-scars. If you refuse to loose, the game never ends. If they refuse to let you win, they ain't ready for your fight. You can say it once, but forever they will remember your actions. If you really out here, make your presence known. Actions speak louder then words, zip your mouth, speak with actions. Be so far ahead they can't even call it a race.#morninginspiration #vintageframes

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