Vintage Playboy 3044 12 Sunglasses Now Available At The Vintage Frames Shop



Vintage Playboy Sunglasses & Eyewear are definitely one of the most underrated set of eyewear to come out of the 70's and 80's. The iconic bunny logo on each pair represents class and luxury. With designs and styles way ahead of their time, Playboy was able to make their mark as a true player in the sunglass and eyewear game. Vintage Playboy Sunglasses truly embodied that bachelor lifestyle and all the glamour it came with it. Vintage Playboy Sunglasses & Eyewear have been worn by major superstars like Rick Ross and Ryan Leslie. We have the largest collection of Vintage Playboy Sunglasses & Eyewear in the world. Check it out here at the Vintage Frames Shop!