Women And Their Jewellery

Women And Their Jewellery

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Is their a lady out their that does NOT love jewellery? I really do not think so, at least I have not come across one. High end items are usually the popular pieces that females may find themselves craving. There is also many less expensive pieces that may be crafted from different materials that are awesome to have apart of our collections. However, at Vintage Frames, since were crazy, we LOVE the GOLD. As you can see so does Jennifer Lopez. One of the most iconic and inspiring woman to grace celebrity status, which is why we should embrace her style. JLo is wearing a stunning Lanvin dress with Christian Louboutin ‘Picks and Co’ lace-embellished spiked toe heels. Of course we cannot forget the pieces that truly complete the outfit, her Celine Gold. The beautiful Jennifer Lopez represents what Celine Jewellery is all about.

CelineCeline's new serge into fame has been caused by many of today's most visible artists. From the catwalk, to the sidewalk Celine's signature designs are very rare to find. Over the past couple of years The Vintage Frames Company has been putting together a vast collection of Vintage Celine Jewelry. The collection consists of chains, brooches, bracelets, and more. Finally you will have a chance to add a piece of the Celine fashion archive to your personal collection. Check out our Celine collection here.

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