Vacation Coming Up? VFC Will Take Care Of You

Vacation Coming Up? VFC Will Take Care Of You


This time of year as the sun begins to come out of hiding, the beach and vacationing our definitely on our minds. Where ever your destination is to fulfill your need for sand and water, a pair of frames is crucial, not only for eye protection but to look good! A couple of things to consider when going to the beach with your fresh new pair of frames. Remember to take one's with UV protection, protecting your eyes is very important especially when the rays will be beating down on you. Tanning your skin is cool but protecting your eyes is cooler. Next, be sure to bring your glasses case with you. If you plan on going in the water or even lying on your stomach, you may decide to take off your frames for a bit. Bringing your case will allow you to protect them from the sand and anything else that may damage them. Last, we know you shopped around for the perfect bikini, so make sure you pick the perfect frame to compliment your style.

Here at Vintage Frames our lenses have UV protection since we strongly believe in eye protection. All our frames come with a case for easy transportation and to make sure they remain in the best quality. If your looking for an expert opinion on your next pair of frames, be sure to make an appointment with one of our experts.

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