Morning Inspiration: "Keep Challenging Yourself"

I had breakfast with a retired man today. In the midst of all of my stress, yelling, and screaming he turned to me and told me how lucky I was. Thinking that I was being mocked, my reaction, naturally aggressive. The man I ate with this morning is as close to a Forbes list member as it gets. Innovator, leader, life gambler, he sold his businesses for billions of dollars but the look on his face doesn't show it. When I inquired about his statement, his demeanor turned rather stone cold. With almost desperate eyes he said, he missed the fight! What was once an aggressive powerhouse was now a rich, sad dude. How could that be I thought? There are things in life that #money cannot buy, the greatest thing, is a life. What once was an outgoing individual who couldn't wait to make, made, and now felt empty. As I drive around the city I can't help but think about what I saw today. The reality, he was dead on! What I was searching for wasn't the end, it was the action. Too many of us devalue the fight and are only Concerned with the outcome. The brutal honesty is what we are really searching for is the fight. It's #friday back on the street playing real life fucking Monopoly. As much as it might not make sense to you yet, cherish the obstacles. As you grow and become a more agile Buisness man you might just find the newly paved road isn't as fun as the rocky one. A true entrepreneur is never satisfied. There is always more, bigger, better. The variable is what happens when you achieve. Will you be happy with the achievement or be onto the next challenge? #morninginspiration #vintageframes