Jay-Z wears Persol 714

First of all, happy 5th wedding anniversary to Jay-Z and Beyonce! Check out the frames he chose to wear on his vacation with the lovely Bey. Jay-Z is rocking one of the most famous frames to date, thanks to Steve McQueen, the Persol 714. It brings his whole outfit together.

The Persol 714 might be Persol’s most popular frame of all time, and Steve McQueen is the one to thank for that.  The frames themselves are a great fit and extremely stylish.  Both the black and havana colors are the most popular, but Persol continues to make different colors and lenses due to their high popularity and continued success.  These sunglasses had already been a popular model for Persol, but when Steve McQueen walked onto the set of “The Thomas Crown Affair” wearing these frames, the popularity of them skyrocketed.  Everyone wanted a pair of “Steve McQueen’s”, which is what the 714 became labeled as after the movie.  Steve McQueen not only wore these frames in the movie but also in his everyday life.  His large collection of Persol has been known to many in the world of sunglasses, and one of his pieces actually sold for $70,000 at auction.  The Persol 714 is a very stylish pair of shades regardless of whether Steve McQueen wore them or not. Since then, TONS of celebrities have rocked these frames and this isn't Jay-Z's first time wearing them either.