Morning Inspiration: Making An Impact

A year ago today I found myself answering 100's of emails a week from supporters looking for guidance. Not only did my company have the illy#vintagesunglasses, but it was inspiring. What began as a profit driven enterprise quickly turned into a social conscious brigade. At first, people thought I was smoking #crack. As the months past, we had enlarged our readership and our #inspirations had loyal followers. I can't say I'm the best writer, I can however say I am comfortable enough to discuss my good qualities and bad. I am mature enough to admit my successes, and failures. I'm man enough to admit when I'm right, and equally when I'm wrong. The 2nd chapter of #vintage #frames let the world in on who we are. Not only are we leading in #style and #luxury goods, but it has become what I feel is my duty to continue the social aspect of our business. 2013 isn't only about taking, it's about giving. No matter what position you're in, there's always the opportunity to give back! I'm not saying show the world your competitive edge, but if you can make an impact for the better on one persons life, you will forever be remembered as great. Opportunities come every day, but it doesn't mean you should dismiss them, never be afraid of what other people think. Those homies who thought I was on crack are now my loyal readers. It's #thursday, thank you for fucking with us on our journey this year! #TBT is about looking back on your accomplishments and failures. The review is seeing how to better your approach. Even if you're doing it BIG, there is always an opportunity to do it BIGGER. Never doubt yourself! The most important thing is to try. You never know the outcome until you make the attempt. Even if you try and fail, you may have affected someone's life for the better. Taking that into consideration, was it really a failure? We look forward to another year rocking with y'all! Get the fuck out of your seat and make it happen! #morninginspiration#vintageframes