Morning Inspiration: March 20th, 2013


What makes life fun is individuality. What makes life progress is ideas. What makes innovation happen is questioning the existing. The first rule of entrepreneurship should be to question the current. Progression has no ends. A current position only means that's where someone has left off. People have been raised to take things that they are told as the end all answers in life. All this notion creates is a world full of "puppets". Without questioning ideas we are at a dead stand still. Life would be bland and the opportunity to create would not be there. The world would be a terrible place without the uncertainty of tomorrow. It is the quest for the unknown that makes us, not the fight to accept what is known. Each and every one of us is unique, only the strong fight for their uniqueness. When you are you told you can't, always know why! Very often people's journeys are stunted based on the failures of others, instead of continuing where they left off. People spend so much time basking in their failures and not enough time helping those you can continue where they stopped. The world is full of possibilities, but only you can make them happen. Stop letting people tell you what you can't do, and show them what you can! It's 2013 and as exciting as life may have been, think of it as the best is yet to come. Our personal journeys are long, insure they are unique. Life is real fucked up when all you are is a puppet with someone else's hand up your ass. It's #Wednesday and monkey may see, but monkey don't have to fucking do! We are all free to make our own choices. We are all free to choose our own paths. Walking in someone else's path is to safe. Life becomes mundane to always stay in a straight line. Zig, zag, bob, weave, show the world you are alive. It's time to cut the cord and take the hand out your back. Every "puppet" can transit to an individual with a little drive. #morninginspiration#vintageframes

Morning Inspiration March 20th 2013