From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Give Back"

Once again it is #tbt, and since my life is nothing but throwbacks, I take some time to review my week. So many enriched experiences, talented people, and prosperous business has come our way. The only thing to associate these types of progressions with is hard work. The only way to celebrate these achievements is too give back. Life is all fun and games when you take, life is only enriched when you give back. If you haven't yet realized this simple notion yet, karma is a bitch. What goes around comes around full circle, and only an idiot is surprised. The most "live" people I know can read energy. It is a tactic that separates the weak from the strong minded. The ability to vibe with someone's good energy is only attained when one had good energy to give. Good energy and karma comes from the simplest of things, being a genuine individual. We are all part of some type of community. Whatever roll we take in that community may vary, however the bond amongst us has no status, just bond. Everybody can give back and share no matter there financial status. Its ok to be remembered as that prick in#louboutins, BUT be remembered as the prick in #christianlouboutin#sneakers that gave back. It's #thursday and this New York city trip is almost fucking over and I am proud that my team prevailed. Be a stature in your community. Charity isn't just a tax right off, it's a sole cleanse. Everybody is out for themselves, I understand that, but the select few that are out for everyone, will always reap richer benefits in the end. #morninginspiration #vintageframes